About Us

UAB Kauno logistikos agentūra / Kaunas Logistics Agency – a successful logistics company operating since 2001.

Thanks to our Customers and the partners Carriers - 15 YEARS honestly and with care.

We organize regular cargo transportation to/from the EU and other European countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Norway, Switzerland, and others).
Due to experience of our staff we quickly gained confidence among shippers, carriers, and the trust of partners. We justify it with a serious approach to our job: we listen to each client's individual needs and quickly respond to problems. We consider client requests and offer optimal logistics solutions, controlling the entire process, to ensure safe cargo transportation from door to door.

Why Us?

- We respond and promptly answer to any offer or inquiry.
- We equally appreciate our clients no matter how much cargo they carry – once a year, or several times a week.
- We are competent: various training in transport, insurance and legal fields, continuing interest in the logistics and transport industry allows us to choose and recommend the optimal logistics solution and, if necessary, to provide legal advice.

We respect our commitments, appreciate the confidence and expect the reciprocal attitude from our clients.


* We received a positive assessment by the credit risk management company UAB Creditinfo Lithuania 2013, 2014, 2015 too, and received their offer to acquire this certification, indicating a high credit rating of our enterprise.


We will offer an optimal price-quality ratio

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tel./fax.:  +370 37 454255
e-mail:       info@kla.lt

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