Additional cargo insurance in special cases

Cargo Insurance

Carrier’s liability for goods entrusted to him is limited. It is governed by international conventions. According to Warsaw Convention of 1929, the maximum airline liability for lost or damaged goods is SDR 16.67 per kilogram of gross load. According to the Hague-Visby Rules of 1968, the maximum liability of sea lines for damaged or lost goods is SDR 2 per cargo gross kilogram or SDR 666.67 per container.

In road transport, carrier’s liability is governed by the Geneva Convention of 1956 that provides the maximum liability of the carrier to SDR 8.33* for the gross kilogram of cargo.

If your cargo is relatively lightweight and (or) expensive, we offer additional cargo insurance. Send us required data by email, and we will calculate the premium for your particular case.

Good to know:
• Weight and volume ratio in road transport: 1 m3 = 333 kg.
• Arrangements for transportation by road on international routes are made based on the CMR Convention, on local routes – according to the Civil Code and the Road Traffic Code of the Republic of Lithuania.
• The carrier's liability for road freight is limited up to SDR 8.33 for the gross kilogram of cargo
• SDR (Special Drawing Rights) – settlement unit agreed by the International Monetary Fund.
• EUR pallet dimensions 120 * 80 cm.
• FIN pallet dimensions 120 * 100 cm.
• 1 EUR pallet = 740 kg; 1 FIN pallet = 925 kg; 1 LDM (loading meter) = 1850 kg.
• Dimensions of semi-trailer – length 13.6 m, width 2.45 m, height 2.5-2.7 m.
• A semi-trailer usually contains 32-34 EUR pallets or 26 FIN pallets.
* SDR is a contractual settlement unit (Special Drawing Rights) (1 SDR is equivalent to about 4 EUR). You can find out the exact rate of the SDR on the Lithuanian Bank website:


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